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Infographic Design

• Boost brand awareness

• Visualize complex data

• Drive traffic to your site

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The future is digital

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Boring, textual content simply doesn’t communicate anymore. In order to get your message heard, stunning visual imagery is required!

From concept to reality

Visual content statistics


Work samples



"The team at Mammoth Infographics created a terrific infographic for me called 8 Ways to Ruin Your Chance of Making a Sale. They were quick, creative, and easy to work with. My social networks love the infographic and have shared a great deal, spreading my ideas."

- David Meerman Scott | Author | The New Rules of Marketing and PR


"Mammoth Infographics produces clear and concise messaging in an easy to read format. Their design has the ability to portray a large amount of information in a short, visual format. Effective infographics can be a tough cookie to crack and Mammoth Infographics has done it."

- John Jantsch | Author | Duct Tape Marketing


"After three years struggling to convey our message in the most concise yet evocative manner, we were stunned to receive the gorgeous art piece created by Mammoth Infographics. Their team clarified our message so elegantly it's impossible to calculate their value to our mission."

- Joe Quirk | Director of Communications | The Seasteading Institute


Premium Infographic

• Bespoke infographic design

• You supply the content

• Designated project manager

• 3 revisions included in the package

• 1 week delivery time

• Complimentary infographic outreach guide

Premium Plus Infographic

Bespoke infographic design

• We research & craft the content for you

• Designated project manager

• 3 revisions included in the package

• 2 weeks delivery time

• Complimentary infographic outreach guide

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why use an agency instead of a freelancer?

A: As opposed to one freelancer with a specific skillset, we have a multitude of experts in content marketing, content creation and digital design. We work collaboratively to pour our individual talents into your project and bring it to life. We understand the process of creating high quality infographics and can replicate it time and time again. When using a freelance content writer and designer, miscommunications can result in a disjointed final project.

Q: Can I request additional revisions?

A: We’ll send you a preliminary sketch of the infographic so that you can approve the style, tone and general direction of the project. With this in mind, the final turnaround is very likely to be a close match for your expectations. In the unlikely event that you need an additional revision, this can be performed for a small extra charge.

Q: Can you give stylistic advice for the infographic?

A: Of course, some of our clients come to us with a very clear idea of how they want their infographic to look, while others are not so sure. We’re happy to give our creative input to the extent that you desire.

Q: How do I promote my infographic once it’s created?

A: We offer a complimentary infographic outreach guide to all of our clients. However, we’re always available to offer individualized advice for how to generate the most engagement within your niche. Check out our guest post on Convince & Convert for more information about infographic promotion.