Why choose Mammoth?


"Mammoth helped with the visualization of our statistical workplace data through infographics, which in turn assisted our analysis of inner company workings and the progression towards employment goals."

- Ed Rice | CSIRO


"Fortune PR’s E-book, Getting to the Root of PR, has been developed through close collaboration with Mammoth Graphics. The Mammoth Graphics team put in a tremendous amount of work, from copy editing to graphic design to produce a first class product - that’s not just my feedback, but also the views of the E-book reviewers. The team is creative, professional and 100% customer-focused ensuring a great working relationship."

                                                                           - Althea Taylor-Salmon | MCIPR, PR Consultant | Fortune Public Relations


"Having published infographics years before they became trendy, Sherdog.com is pleased to tell the world that working with Mammoth Infographics has been an absolute pleasure. From the early stages of conceptualizing the subject to final production, Mammoth Infographics was professional and courteous throughout the process. Thank you for raising the level of our infographics hub, Mammoth Infographics!"

- Mike Fidley | Managing Editor | Sherdog


"I was really impressed with the infographic that Mammoth put together for my organization. The communication with the team was smooth and easy, and they put together a thought-provoking, seamless image with a quick turnaround. Many supporters of our organization will view, share, and engage with this and I couldn't be happier."

- John Oberg | Director of Communications | Vegan Outreach



"After three years struggling to convey our message in the most concise yet evocative manner, we were stunned to receive the gorgeous art piece created by Mammoth Infographics. Their team clarified our message so elegantly it's impossible to calculate their value to our mission."

- Joe Quirk | Director of Communications | The Seasteading Institute


“Working with Mammoth is an enjoyable experience from start to finish and the end product is always impressive. Mammoth quickly grasp our requirements and provide targeted infographics that have helped us to achieve the No.1 position in our field. We will continue to seek their expertise and guidance for future projects.”

- Gordon Tees | Mailzinger


"Mammoth Infographics produces clear and concise messaging in an easy to read format. Their design has the ability to portray a large amount of information in a short, visual format. Effective infographics can be a tough cookie to crack and Mammoth Infographics has done it."

- John Jantsch | Author | Duct Tape Marketing


"The team at Mammoth Infographics created a terrific infographic for me called "8 Ways to Ruin Your Chance of Making a Sale.” They were quick, creative, and easy to work with. My social networks love the infographic and have shared a great deal, spreading my ideas."

- David Meerman Scott | Author | The New Rules of Marketing and PR


"Kudos to Mammoth Infographics for immediately understanding my concept and for bringing it to life with just the creativity and humor I was seeking. They  were genuinely committed to my satisfaction and I could not be happier with the results."

- Anne Miller | Author | The Tall Lady With the Iceberg



"I was extremely pleased at how Mammoth were able to bring my ideas to life. The infographic was well received and helped me to establish valuable relationships with venue owners."

- Brian Stott | Founder | Synergy Madrid