Expert spotlight: an interview with voice actor Ross Huguet


Ross Huguet is an elite voice actor and is our go-to guy for animated explainer video narration. You can hear him deliver a masterful performance in our new video below.

Jack: How did you get started in voice acting?

Ross: It was my grade 3 Teacher who first sat me in front of a microphone to record books on tape for the children in the younger grades! From there, DJ at the local roller rink, PA announcer at high school, late night shifts at the local radio station, then daytime announcer, then full time voice over. There were some twists and turns along the way but the mission has remained the same.. to become an outstanding vocal communicator which is now called: voice actor.

Jack: What are some of your favourite projects to date?

Ross: My voice is currently the narrator on the hit TV show See No Evil on Investigation Discovery. The show has become the network’s number one show of all time. This success has led to many more TV show narration opportunities along with countless national and regional commercials and promotional videos for major brands including Morgan Stanley, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, Nabisco and many others. See IMDB for a partial credit list.

Jack: What are some of the fundamental skills you need in order to deliver an awesome voiceover?

Ross: Allowing the words to do the talking. Each word is a story unto itself. The words are sung and the vibrations reach into the soul and heart of the listener. Profound enough? Bottom line: the listener must be moved and compelled. This is achieved after many years of practice and experience. Becoming a voice talent goes way beyond having a "good voice". It comes from the bottom of your toes and from the ether beyond the unseen realms.

Jack: Animated explainer videos are all the rage at the moment. In your experience, what is the difference between a mediocre explainer video and an excellent one?

Ross: You have 1-3 seconds to catch and hold the viewer’s attention. All the elements must captivate. Sight, sound and motion combined effectively can be magical. Like great music, the composition must have harmony, rhythm and soul.

Jack: As an established voice actor, how do most of your clients find you? Or are you still auditioning for jobs?

Ross: With the assistance of my team, I submit over 120 auditions per day Mon to Fri. This amounts to over 20,000 auditions per year. This volume of auditions has created an incredible roster of new and repeating clients. At some point in the future, this number will be reduced as I cruise into retirement.

Jack: In every industry there are good and bad clients. What are some of the things a client can do in order to make your job easier and create a better end product for themselves?

Ross: Supply a script that "sings". In other words, give the words some flow, rhythm, emotion, authenticity and flare. Eliminate the clutter. Keep it simple. Allow your script to breathe. Less is more.

Jack: What advice would you give to up-and-coming voice actors?

Ross: Practice at least 10,000 hours and then Practice another 10,000 hours. Just like a heart surgeon, do not expect to operate overnight. Voice over is an estimated 17-billion-dollar business. There's no need to worry about if there are sufficient opportunities for you. Worry more about how you sound and your own state of mind. Listen to the pros and honestly ask yourself if you sound as good or better than they do. If you can honestly say that you are as good or better, then start auditioning your way to success.

Jack: Thanks Ross, it’s been a pleasure.


Ross Huguet can be found at his website