8 outstanding animated explainer videos


Including an animated explainer video on your landing page can help propel your business to dizzying heights. You may be thinking that your niche isn't exciting enough to have an animated video, but it’s always possible to translate your products and services into an engaging, attractive and concise story. Explainer videos have become one of the most effective tools for connecting with new customers - research suggests that including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. If you're considering commissioning an explainer video and need some inspiration, here are 8 excellent examples.
1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a globally renowned social networking brand that allows users to pin their favorite images online and share them with others. Pinterest’s explainer video is a quintessential example of how explainer videos should be structured; it presents a problem that people used to have when saving images onto floppy disks and offers a solution by succinctly conveying the benefits of Pinterest as an image sharing tool. It's also significant that it says from the outset that the video will last 90 seconds, letting people know that the video will be straight to the point.
2. Panorama 9: IT-Man

The concept behind this explainer video is quite simply, brilliant. It uses 8-bit graphics and sound effects, coupled with a mock superhero voiceover to explain why Panorama 9 can help your business out with IT troubleshooting. The use of these old school gaming elements is so effective because many of this generation's professionals were brought up with these types of computer games. The intertwinement of nostalgia and comedy really help to propel the narrative forward and elicit positive emotions.
3. Student Hut

Student Hut provides prospective students with insightful information about the courses they are thinking of studying, allowing them to make better decisions when they apply. The video presents the problem in a metaphorical sense, by using a roulette wheel to portray the gamble of choosing a course without counsel from someone who has already studied it. The voice actor speaks with a very reassuring tone throughout - a deliberate and effective tactic, considering that students are generally quite anxious prior to making such a big decision.
4. PadMapper

PadMapper is a smart and innovative tool that helps people to find new apartments. The video uses comedy to good effect, with a quirky script and endearing sketch-like animation. The video presents the problem initially by making disparaging claims about how other apartment listings are 'ugly' and 'don't make any sense', before listing the benefits of PadMapper. As the voice actor speaks with a distinct accent, this somehow manages to add to the lighthearted tone of the video.
5. Farm Animal Rights Movement

This sombre-toned animated video demonstrates the harmful impacts of factory farming. Backed by a chilling instrumental, the video’s dark animated sequences flow from one scenario of animal agriculture to another, until the climax when the tone lifts and a solution is presented. This video is highly effective because the visuals illustrate the facts, but they aren’t graphic to the point where viewers would be repelled. The music is excellently composed and changes according to the narrative; a far cry from the generic elevator music found in most animated explainer videos.

6. Olark

Olark allows business owners to implement a live chat interface on their websites. This enables visitors to communicate with a customer advisor in real time, averting any need for a phone conversation.The video shows how the fully customizable interface will appear on a website, how easy it is to use and also the analytics feature which is ideal for user experience optimization. As with CrazyEgg’s video, there is a free trial offer at the end which serves as an excellent call to action.
7. Bubbl.us

Bubbl.us is a brainstorming tool for creative individuals, and the concept of this video is definitely a creative masterstroke. Once again, the narrative presents the problem; the risk of losing your ideas when sharing them digitally and the unavailability of easy-to-use brainstorming software. The exasperated protagonist epitomizes the feeling one gets when hard work is squandered. The bubble popping sound effects that coincide with the animation are a perfect match for the company’s name and really help to bring the video to life.

8. V Water

This whiteboard animation video includes no voice acting. Instead, it relies on beautiful sketch-like scenes created by a human hand, propelling the story forward as if by magic. The protagonist stickman undergoes a monotonous day of corporate drudgery, until he’s finally able to kick back and relax after work in a hammock and enjoy a bottle of water - at which point a kaleidoscope of flowers and butterflies appear, which is pivotal to the tagline: “There’s something in the water”.