5 beautiful eco-friendly infographics


There are a number of environmental issues currently ravaging our planet, including: overpopulation, climate change, deforestation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion and more. While finding appropriate solutions to these problems is certainly challenging, progress is being made and thanks to the internet, awareness of environmental issues has never been higher. 

In order to help people to fully comprehend these complex issues, infographics have been utilized as visual learning aids. Multifaceted topics can be broken down into simple illustrations and key data trends can be highlighted using insightful visualizations. Here are 5 of the best eco-friendly infographics currently being circulated online.

1. National Geographic: Change The Course

As the population of Earth continues to expand, the demand for freshwater resources is accelerating. Freshwater is essential for sustaining life on this planet, so reversing the current depletion of freshwater resources is a must. As part of an initiative to replenish the Colorado River, National Geographic and partners have released this beautiful infographic which depicts America’s wasteful usage of freshwater. By encouraging people to lower their meat consumption, plant new vegetation, buy fewer clothes and turn off the lights when they aren’t in use, water can be returned to depleted rivers such as the Colorado.

2. Custom Made: Deforestation

Beautifully designed with a color scheme that emulates nature, this infographic by Custom Made weaves a compelling narrative on the subject of deforestation. The juxtaposition of succinct text and powerful visuals is very effective in explaining the complex issues surrounding deforestation. A number of startling statistics are carefully placed throughout the infographic which drives home the urgency of this problem. Although deforestation is essential for creating paper, furniture and shelter, this infographic shows how we can mitigate the damage caused by recycling as much as possible.


3. Kirby Built: 10 Reasons Why You’ll Be Buried Alive

It’s easy to forget about your household waste after the garbage truck comes to collect it in the morning - out of sight, out of mind! Unfortunately, over 500 billion pounds of waste ends up in American landfill sites every year, resulting in groundwater pollution and toxic emissions into the atmosphere. This infographic by Kirby Built pulls no punches and explains exactly why these overflowing landfills should be a cause for concern. In addition to saving energy, conserving natural resources and reducing pollution, the infographic states that recycling can prevent the world from turning into one massive landfill. A stark vision indeed!


4. Cowspiracy: The Facts

Although industries such as mining, transportation and oil production are known to be harmful to the environment, the impact of animal agriculture is not discussed as readily. Cowspiracy is a 2014 documentary film which highlights, in no uncertain terms, just how damaging animal agriculture is for the planet. Filled with staggering facts and statistics, this clear and impactful infographic implores humanity to transition to a plant based diet to achieve a sustainable future on Earth.


5. Sustainable Energy For All: Renewable Energy

Since nonrenewable fossil fuels are being depleted at a rapid rate, alternative energy sources will be required to power the world of tomorrow. This concise and informative infographic promotes the Sustainable Energy for All initiative by explaining the five main types of renewable energy: wind, solar, hydropower, bioenergy and geothermal. This infographic not only shows how countries like Brazil and Denmark are already benefitting from renewable energy, it goes on to state the huge potential capacity of such resources once they are fully harnessed, which paints a very promising picture of the future. A good point to end on!